Day Zero Project

Have you checked out my other blog, Leilanie's 101 in 1001 Challenge? Its pretty cool. After finding out about the Day Zero Project, I decided to create my own list. So, check out my blog, and take a look at my list. Feel inspired? Let me know if you create your own list. Because number 100 on my list is to inspire 5 other people to create their own list. So, let me know ok?

the VMAs

So, who watched the VMAs yesterday? I don't normally watch award shows but I had nothing else to watch, so I watched it. It was pretty interesting though.

Lady Gaga: can you say too much? What was up with her outfits, and especially her performance?

And Kanye West: did you really have to interrupt Taylor Swift? That was really messed up and I would have been embarrassed. Like, I'm sure she was.

Lemme know your opinions!

New Moon Poster

I couldn't stay away from this one. I absolutely love Twilight! ahh, call me obsessed but I don't care. :] I simply cannot wait until this movie comes out. And today I found out that Eclipse comes out the middle of next year! How cool is that? I guess we won't have to wait too long for the next installment. However, I regret to say that I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet. *Gasp* I know. The only reason is because I don't have extra money at the moment (and haven't for some time) so I haven't been around to buying the book yet. And I don't want to get it from the library because I want to be able to keep it. haha. Silly, I know. But I will make sure to get by the end of this year. Purchased, or not, I will make sure I get it.

The Mommy Journey Anniversary!

the mommy journey

Congrats Chris on having your one year anniversary for your blog!
And congrats to the winners of her contest!
See if you are a winner!

Link From Blog

I've been searching around for new ways to make money. And I came across this site called Link From Blog. I've seen it around a lot of blogger sites. And most people said that they've been a lot of money with it. So, I'm deciding to try it out. This is one of those companies that pay you for writing about certain things. If you want to check it out, or even try it out, click on the banner below.

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Baby Alex

Its a boy! My friend, Steph, had her baby boy Alexander Daniel on September 8th! He is such a cutie! I haven't been able to come see her while she's at the hospital. But I will definitely come see her once she's settled at the house with the baby.

Just 3 days earlier, was her baby shower! Thank goodness he waited until after the shower to come out! My other friend had her baby on the day of her shower! She couldn't even go to it because he wanted to come out first. haha.

Mommy Bloggers

I'm going to my friend's baby shower tomorrow (well, actually its today, since its already 2am). She is having her first child! So, this post is dedicated to all the mommy bloggers out there, especially the pregnant ones! Here is some linky love to some of my favorite mommy bloggers out there who are expecting.

<--- She is expecting her second child, a baby girl. She should have her baby any day now :]

<--- She is expecting her first child, and has about 2 months to go!

I'm sure there are more mommy bloggers out there that are expecting, I'm sorry if I wasn't able to include you. I'm kind of in a rush because I need to go to sleep. So check out my mommy bloggers and also add your name below to get some linky love! Please add a comment after adding your name, thanks!
And.. to be nice to everyone else too. Leave me a comment in this post, and on Monday, I will create a section in my sidebar with links to everyone who leaves a comment. The links will stay there all week. I will do this every Saturday. I got the idea from Grampy and You. I wanted to use the Mister Linky widget thingy but I can't create my own meme because I don't want to upgrade to silver (no money). So, I'm doing it my own way. So, comment please!

August EC Top Droppers

Thank you to my top 10 droppers this month. Here's some linky love! Make sure to check em out and give them some love too. They will also be listed in my sidebar for the whole month!


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