the VMAs

So, who watched the VMAs yesterday? I don't normally watch award shows but I had nothing else to watch, so I watched it. It was pretty interesting though.

Lady Gaga: can you say too much? What was up with her outfits, and especially her performance?

And Kanye West: did you really have to interrupt Taylor Swift? That was really messed up and I would have been embarrassed. Like, I'm sure she was.

Lemme know your opinions!


Grampy said...

I didn't watch the awards. But that was outrageous behavior. West should be reprimanded severely for that. After seeing this video all I can do is shake my head.

Spice said...

I didn't see it but that was pretty messed up what Kanye West did. Uncalled for. Thanks for letting my EC ad run here today. :)

Anonymous said...

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