Mommy Bloggers

I'm going to my friend's baby shower tomorrow (well, actually its today, since its already 2am). She is having her first child! So, this post is dedicated to all the mommy bloggers out there, especially the pregnant ones! Here is some linky love to some of my favorite mommy bloggers out there who are expecting.

<--- She is expecting her second child, a baby girl. She should have her baby any day now :]

<--- She is expecting her first child, and has about 2 months to go!

I'm sure there are more mommy bloggers out there that are expecting, I'm sorry if I wasn't able to include you. I'm kind of in a rush because I need to go to sleep. So check out my mommy bloggers and also add your name below to get some linky love! Please add a comment after adding your name, thanks!
And.. to be nice to everyone else too. Leave me a comment in this post, and on Monday, I will create a section in my sidebar with links to everyone who leaves a comment. The links will stay there all week. I will do this every Saturday. I got the idea from Grampy and You. I wanted to use the Mister Linky widget thingy but I can't create my own meme because I don't want to upgrade to silver (no money). So, I'm doing it my own way. So, comment please!


Grampy said...

Have fun at the Baby Shower. I have actually been trapped in a couple. I try to stay out of sight.

Ann said...

Have fun at the baby shower. I always hate going to those things. :)

Theta Mom said...

Have fun at the baby shower! Just got your award up on my blog. Thanks again for passing it my way. :)