August Featured Products on Etsy

Being that this site is supposed to be about traveling. I've decided to create a section called "Featured Products on Etsy," this site is a place for people to sell their handmade items. People are also able to sell supplies (such as scrapbooking!). Every month I will browse their travel section and give you a link and some info on I items I think would be cool to have. All products will be travel-related. Stuff to help you organize when you travel, save money when you travel, and even supplies to help you create your travel scrapbook. This month, my topic is scrapbook supplies. So here we go!

These are so cute! These are brass charm stampings that can be used to Scrapbooking. And they look like little passports! It comes in a package of 5 pieces. It is being sold by Requilegia. Click here for the link. It only costs $1.50!

These are bus tickets from Rome, Italty. Then can be used for collages, scrapbooking, anything you can create. It comes in a package of 6. It is being sold by ImagineArt7. Click here for the link. It costs $2.75.

Want to create a scrapbook of your travels but don't have the time or money to create one from scratch? Buy a premade scrapbook where all you have to do is insert your pictures! This scrapbook has 12 pages. It is being sold by Apicketfencelife. Click here for the link. It costs $17.00.

These are little felt travel bubbles. They can be used for scrapbooks, cards, anything really. These are handmade. They come in package of 6. They are being sold by Evalicious. Click here for the link. They cost $4.50.

These are journaling tags that can be used for your scrapbooks. It comes in a package of 8. It is being sold by PinkOwlPaperie. Click here for the link. It costs $2.75.

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Ish Diamante said...

Wow! I like the little felt travel bubbles, it's really cute. BTW thanks for droppin by my blog, it's really nice to have someone like you, I mean we both are soon to wed brides :) We can share ideas for our wedding, btw when is your wedding? Take care!!!