Relax Your Self #1

Since today's theme is all about relaxing, I decided to write a post about facials. Facials can get expensive, so this post is about an at-home facial. Here is a recipe for an at-home facial. Try this facial once a week. This basic facial works on all skin types.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 25-30 minutes

What You Need:
Gentle cleanser
Exfoliating scrub
Warm water & a washcloth
Clay-based or cream facial mask (based on skin type)
Basic moisturizer

1. Cleanse the skin. You’ll want to wash the face to remove any grime or dirt. If you have oily or combination skin, try a cleanser like Clinique Wash Away Gel Cleanser or Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash . For dry skin, your best bet is a cream or milky cleanser such as Cetaphil.
2. Exfoliate. Using your fingers, rub a gentle exfoliating scrub in a circular motion on your face. Concentrate on the areas around your nose and forehead or if you have combo skin, work harder on the areas that tend to be ‘greasy.’ Rinse your face well since exfoliating scrubs tend to be drying. Clinique makes a simple, but excellent face scrub.
3. Steam. Fill your sink with warm water, dip a washcloth in and press to your face. Repeat 2-3 times.
4. The Mask. For oily skin, use a clay-based face mask. For dry skin, go for a hydrating gel or cream mask. Apply the mask, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Keep it on for 10-20 minutes (or, according to the directions on the product). Rinse completely.
5. Moisturize. Smooth on a soothing, basic moisturizer such as Crème de La Mer Moisturizing Cream (very expensive) or the less expensive Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion . Tip: Stay away from strong moisturizers containing retinols or acids. These will over-exfoliate your skin.

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shydub said...

This is s good tip marie,ty for sharing.

Thanks for adding my badges, I have been trying to copy your badge code, I'm having trouble coz every time I click on it another browser will open.

dubster said...

Done adding your badge in all my blogs marie. take care and god bless

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Oh I am so tempted t go run a hot tub, give myself a nice facial and then crash in front of the t.v.

I may do it!! But, I really should continue on and return visits. But, my body says rest!!

This post just made me realize ho good a facial and hot soak would feel!!:-)))