Summer Memories

Summer is almost over. But there is still time left to make some memories. I found this article from the August 2006 issue of Seventeen. Do you guys remember Miss Seventeen Jennifer Steele? The article is a list of 21 things to do before you turn 21. The tips are composed by Jennifer. For those of you under 21, these are great tips to make great memories. If you're older than 21, it's never too late to make new memories.

1. Take a road trip: Mapping the route, singing at the top of your lungs, and discovering new towns with friends is the ultimate bonding experience.
2. Learn to play a musical instrument: Jen can only play a few chords but she loves the expressive power of music - and the possibility that one day you can learn to create something beautiful through it.
3. Go skinny-dipping: It's the most liberating thing ever. You have to let go of your insecurities when you take off your clothes.
4. Save $1,000: Just seeing that big number in your bank account is rewarding - knowing you did it alone.
5. Know your grandparents: Ask them (or your parents) about their lives at your age. You might be shocked by how much insight they have - and the crazy things they did.
6. Buy a lottery ticket: But just one. Everyone should take one million-to-one shot in their lives - it's fun to dream such a big and outrageous dream.
7. Win a award: It doesn't matter if it's a contest for role models or pie-eating - you can be the best at something. And there's no fulfillment quite like everyone else knowing it too.
8. Say "I Love You": It takes courage to be vulnerable. But it's the only way to create the possibility that someone will give you back the love you deserve.
9. Learn to drive a stick shift: You never know when you'll get into a situation where you may need to know how. Plus, in terms of gas, these cars are better on your wallet and the environment.
10. Milk a cow: Jen was terrified to do it, but conquering this small thing helped her do even bigger scary stuff.
11. Forgive someone: A girl wrote "bitch" on Jen's locker when she was 16, and it always ate away at her inside. But they made amends, the bad feelings evaporated.
12. Have your fortune told: Sure, it's kind of silly. But doing it is really a reminder that in the end, only you hold the power to chart your own destiny.
13. Go to a drive-in: Seriously the best place on earth. Where else can you watch a movie, get a great burger, talk and walk around with friends, and see the stars - all at the same time.
14. Do your own laundry: It's the first step on the long (but gratifying) road to independence.
15. Ride a horse: Okay, it might sound cheesy, but when you connect with this animal and the wind blows through your hair, it's the closest feeling to real freedom.
16. Donate your formal dresses: You'll give someone the chance to be a princess for one night. (And yes, it's okay to feel like one.)
17. See the ocean: Jen felt so small next to this huge, timeless thing - and it inspired me to make the most of my life.
18. Waitress at least once: Serving someone is humbling, but it teaches you how to communicate and multitask - two skills you'll use forever.
19. See one thing that is "the world's largest": Even if it's just a frying pan - at least it can be your temporary claim to fame.
20. Leave the country: Going to England, Jen realized how narrow her world really was - and that travel was the best way she could expand it.
21. Learn to love your body: Jen is just now starting to feel perfect as she is because she has knobby knees and moles - not in spite of them.
These tips were taken directly from the article. All tips and opinions are the responsibility of Jennifer Steele, 21, and Seventeen magazine.

This is a picture of me and part of my group when we went to the United Kingdom in 2006. It was my first time traveling out of the country (and without my parents). It was a great experience and I made a lot of new friends. I'm the one of the far right. We are standing on a sidewalk in London. You can see the parliament buildings, the london eye, and Big Ben in the background.

How many of these tips have you done? I am 20 years old, and I've accomplished 12 of these items. Wow, I have a lot to finish. Well, I turn 21 next May, so I should get started soon. Leave me your comments. Let me know what you have accomplished. What else should be on this list? Want me to post more lists like this? I want to know your opinion.


Theta Mom said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! Found you through Entrecard!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Hi Marie,
This is a great list. We are taking a wee road trip tomorrow to get some photo hunting time in. My hubby is away a lot with his work so I am really looking forward to it.

I also am in desperate need of some new and good photos for my blog.

I hope you have a happy weekend!!