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I have a ton of files. Literally, I have millions of files. Thankfully, I have an external hard drive, called my Book. Ever heard of it? Its great. Anyways. I decided to sort through and organize some of my files. Most of my files are too boring to sort through so I decided to sort through my pictures. And I was looking through the banners I've saved and I thought some of them are so cute, that I should put them on here. So here are some banners for you to look at. I got them from http://www.whateverlife.com/. Did you know that website was created by teenager? It's pretty cool. Go check out her website, after you check out these graphics. And believe me, there are MANY more on her site.


BRIA said...

hey wassup..im diggin ur blog..follow me on my blog!!

carlota said...

Hi added you banner at my blog.

Tay MF Dee said...

checkk out my blogg


its worth reading i promiseeee;;

Chris said...

this is cool!

by the way, i added your button to my badge page :D thanks for adding my button too

nurseabie said...

Hi! Added your widget now as well as your link.
Thanks for the exchange of badge.

Liza said...

Hi Marie! Thanks for adding my button here.You're linked as well. :)

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