Hawaii, here I come!

I heading off to Hawaii! I've been wanting to take this trip since forever now. I'm glad that I am finally able to take it. I'm not sure when will be the next time I will have access to the internet. Hopefully it will be less than a day, because I can't live without internet! haha. Also, I won't have access to any photoshop. :[ It sucks. I love photoshop.

I finally finished my first photobook! I am so excited about that. It is actually a gift for Evan's mom. It was a prize from Gagay's contest back in the beginning of December. It took me awhile to finish it, with the holidays and everything, but I am finally glad its done (not that I didn't enjoy making it). I just feel accomplished to have finished it. I will put in the order soon and ask Elony if I can publish some of the LOs (or an overview of the book itself). So, hopefully, my next posts will have some examples of the digital version of the LOs!

Take care! I am off to Hawaii!


**"Liza"** said...

Hi stopping by..By the way I want to let you know Im having a blog giveaway. Come check it out if you have time..:)

bambie said...

Wow! Hawaii! The last time I went there, I was too young to know what getting a tan was. LOL! Enjoy your vacation sweetie! :-)

Don't forget to post pitures! Take care!

Evan's Mom said...

Enjoy your time in Hawaii! And thank you again for making the photobook for me. You did a great job.

Surely you can use some layouts here, just let me know first which ones you want to use :)

jules67 said...

Have a nice and safe trip and enjoy your stay in Hawaii.

Joy-Anne said...

Hawaii, love to ge there too. I hope you enjoy your trip!