I Won 3rd Place

Online Mommy's CornerWoohoo! I won 3rd Place from Online Mommy's Corner! Yay! I'm so happy! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to Online Mommy's Corner and all of her sponsors! Here is a list of my prizes:

3rd Prize
Site Badge Button – All About Elizabeth
Post Signy – Thoughts and Obsessions
$5 - Crayons and Pencil
$5 – Niko’s Blog
1000 EC – Inspirational Insights
1000 EC – Me, Myself and Jes
1000 EC – Princess Ishi
1000 EC – Prince Ethan’s Journal
1000 EC – My Little Angels
1000 EC – My Little Angel’s Journey
1000 EC – All About My Life
1000 EC – A Blessed Life
1000 EC – Tasty Exploration
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – Home Buddies
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – Couple’s Love Book
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR2) – Azumi My Lil Dolly Princess Story
125X125 ad space for 1month (PR2) – Our Clan’s Marveling
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR1) – Yam’s File


bambie said...

congratulations on winning, marie!:)

i'm going to be holding a contest soon, too. probably by march, in time for my bday and blogversary. i'm still cooking up the mechanics and searching for sponsors.

hope you can join that one, too!

Chris said...

congratulations!:) ill send you the 1000 EC now

onlinemommy said...

Congrats Leilani :)

I am trying to help contact the sponsors for your prizes :)

Nice new layout :)

God Bless!

Yami said...

Hi there. I'm one of the sponsors for the ad space. I'm looking for your badge dear so I can place it in my site. Have a nice day. :)

Mys said...

Left instructions for you on how to claim your post siggy, if you're interested. I think you can make a better job of it yourself, but hey, it's your prize. Thanks.

Riza said...

Hi, I'm having a hard time looking for my bookmarked sites when I sponsored the contests -new hd, sorry. can you please send me how much i pledged for your contest? thanks!

Sherry said...

hi sis, okay got your message, let me knw update yeah :)

Sherry said...

I wan say congrats to you :)

Curious Mind said...

hey, leilanie. congrats! posted your badge on my sidebar. ^^v


Beth said...

Congrats!!! Please email me at eppalacios26@yahoo.com the images and text (title of the blog will do) so I can make your badge. :)

Have a nice day! :)