Holiday Contest Winners!

Happy New Year!! :]

Thank you to everyone who has joined my contest. This was my first contest I've hosted, and it definitely has been a fun one. The winners were chosen using I put all the entries in a list and randomized the numbers. From the resulting list, I chose #5 (because its my lucky number!) for the main prizes. I started with 1st prize, and after I chose the winner, I took out that person's entries and randomized the list again and chose the next winner. I continued with that until all the main prizes were chosen. For the special prizes, I took the remaining entries and chose #1, #8, #17, and #21. Luckily, they all turned out to be different participants. So, here we go. Here are the entry updates for all participants:
@Sherry: 14 entries
@Melandria: 12 entries.
@Hyanne: 10 entries.
@Liz: 13 entries.
@Ritz: 11 entries.
@Ruthy: 11 entries.
@Shydub: 13 entries.
@Jenn: 12 entries.
@Chris: 10 entries.
@Vernz: 11 entries.
@Czaroma: 10 entries.
@Fedhz: 7 entries.

Here are the winners for my holiday contest:

1st Prize Winner - Ruthy from

2nd Prize Winner - Melandria from

3rd Prize Winner - Sherry from

Special Prizes: 

10 Postcards from Travelin' With Marie - Hyanne from
1 pair of earrings from Momgen - Jenn from
Mixed handmade cards from Momgen - Ritz from
$10 gift certificate from DaisyBookworm - Shydub from

Congrats to all winners! Winners, I have contacted you through the email that you gave. Please reply with your entrecard profile link, your paypal account email, and the code for your ad (or a link to where I can find it). I will contact the sponsors for you. Special prize winners, please contact the sponsors about your prizes.

To all participants, thank you for joining my first contest and it has been a pleasure to have you here! Now, who wants free ad space? For all participants and sponsors only (excluding winners) I am offering a week's worth of free ad space in my sponsors sidebar. The first three commentators who say, "I want free ad space!" will receive free ad space. The first person will get the 1st week, and so on. So, leave me comments please! :]


Mama Ko said...

Yeheeyy!!! Thanks for tha fun-tastic contest you hosted Marie. It was a success so congrats to you. Happy New Year!

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czaroma said...

I want free ad space!

hyanne said...

"I want free ad space!"

Happy 2010! I can't believed I won for the first time, even if it is just a special prize the joy of being a winner is like I hit the first prize..Thanks ^_^

Mara said...

I want free ad space!!

Did I make it?? :)

David Funk said...

Congrats to all the winners and those who took part. Also, glad to see that I recognize many of the names here, too.

And last, great job Marie for what you did here!

melandria said...

Happy new year, thank you and congratulations again! I also want free ad space!

melandria said...

Ooh, so sorry, i have not read the rules. Thanks again!

SR said...

I want free ad space!

Happy new year!

Ms. Marie said...

Ad space winners go to:


I will post and comment you all back soon. Still trying to catch up with some other things.

shydub said...

Hi Marie, was wonderin if you have a way of how to contact the sponsor DaisyBookworm regarding the $10 gift cert.

I don't know how to contact her/him


Liz said...

Congrats to the winners. Ohhh, I missed the free ad space. Hihi! Happy Year of the Tiger!

melandria said...

Please do sent me a message when the EC were already transferred. It's been a while since I opened that site. Many thanks.