New Winners

Hi guys. I'm sorry that you haven't heard from me in a while. I've been really focusing on digi scrapbooking and kept telling myself, "I'll write them back later." Well, as its already been 6 days since the announcement of the winners of my contest, I have to announce that two of the winners did not claim their prize. Therefore, I will draw two new winners. The prizes up for grabs are 1st place and 1 pair of earrings from Momgen. I just did a quick draw and made all the entrants equal this time, instead of inputting all entries. I hope that's ok.

Here are the remaining entrants:

1st Place winner - Chris from The Mommy Journey
Earrings winner - Czaroma from A Woman Remembers

Congrats to my two new winners! Please come claim your prize. Also, when I announced the winners, I offered up three 1-week ad spaces. Here are the winners for that, in order:


Please let me know where I can find your link and/or which blog you would like me to link. To all winners, I will send your ECs in less than an hour. I will leave you a message on your blog and your entrecard to let you know. I will also contact your sponsors within an hour as well. Thank you again for joining my contest and I'm sorry again to keep you all waiting for so long.

Ad Sponsors:  Will you either contact the winners of your ad space or leave me your email? I have the code for the ads that the winners want to use. I just don't have most of your emails. Please let me know which you decide to do. Thanks.


czaroma said...

wow I won! I'm here to claim my prize :)
thanks for the ad space. and of course, the earrings!

momgen said...

I just contacted the winners...

melandria said...

Congratulations again for winning at Mylene's Thanksgiving Contests. I know your really busy. Take care.