Contest Is Closed

Hi everyone! The contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who joined and an extra thank you to all of my sponsors. Without you, this contest wouldn't have been the same. The winners will be announced at the count of midnight (PST) on January 1st. See you all then!


onlinemommy said...

Hay... sayang hindi ko na napublish ung entry ko :( Kinapos na ako sa oras sa dami kong gawain :(

Anyway, God bless to all who joined your contest.

Sherry said...

good luck to all :D

czaroma said...

Hi Marie,
transferred 2000 EC credits already

great contest!

shydub said...

Hi Marie
transferred 2000ec credits from blog fusion.

I checked my entrecard transaction Ididn't see the credits that I sent you, the took all my credits, I thought it went to your credits when I sent all the credits.

Anyway, disregard my first comment marie.