Many Updates

It seems like its been forever since I've updated you on things. I finished finals yesterday. Yay! :] I also created a new blogs just for contests and giveaways [ Oodles of Contests ] . Check it out if you'd like. I have a place on there were you can post your giveaways and contests. Kind of like a directory. I also am offering some free ad space on there as well. So, go check it out! :]

I also wanted to update on my contest. I have added my final two last minute sponsors. Sorry for the late update. I was finalized the coding for you to grab. If you've already posted about my contest, you don't have to update your post, but it would be appreciated. [ Click here for my contest mechanics ] . You still have three more days to receive three bonus entries. After that, you will only receive two until the 20th. Remember, my contest ends the day after Christmas, on Dec 26th. So, please join my contest! :]

Sponsors: Lately I've been contacting my EC sponsors. Please, if I have missed you, or you have not responded, I need you to send me your EC credits to my entrecard account. [ click here for the link ] .

Other than my contest, I have earn some awards! Yay me! I earned some awards from Bambie and from Melandria. This first set is from Bambie:

Thanks Bambie! I am offering these awards to all of my blogger friends! If you want em, just leave me a comment and go ahead and take em. You all deserve it!

This award is from Melandria. This a special award from her, that does not get passed around. Thanks Melandria!

Melandria also passed me another award. This one is up for grabs! Thanks again, Ria.

Thank you to everyone for thinking of me when receiving these awards. I am offering them to everyone of my readers. Please go ahead and grab them. Just remember to link me. Have a good night everyone!

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bambie said...

Thanks for posting the awards Marie! Have a great day and always take care! :)