Official Start: The 25 Days of Christmas holiday contest!

I got the idea for this contest just about a week ago. I had to hurriedly find sponsors, and I am proud to say, thank you to my generous sponsors! I am still waiting to hear from some sponsors so you might see the sponsor list grow over the next couple of days. Sponsorship is still open until Dec 3rd. Let me know if you would like to sponsor. So here it is, the official beginning to The 25 Days of Christmas Holiday Contest. Remember to come back again, as I might have updates to the contest mechanics.

12/4/09: Want to read about my Christmas Traditions? Read my post here.
12/5/09: I've added some new sponsors and moved the prizes around a bit to make it more fair.
12/9/09: I added the last two sponsors and moved around the prizes again. Sorry for the inconvenience, this will the last time I will update/edit the contest mechanics. I also have fixed up the coding because it was a little messed up. 

The rules are simple. Nothing too difficult for this contest. There are only two required tasks, the rest are optional. However, the more you complete, the better your chances at winning! Anyone can join, even sponsors.
1. Accomplish the required tasks. Include your email in the comments so I can contact you. All entries must be in this post only to be counted.
2. The contest will run from December 1st through December 26th 11:59 PST.
3. Three winners will be chosen using There will be extra winners for the special prizes. All winners will be announced January 1st.
4. I will notify winners by email. Winners will have 48 hours to respond and contact me by email. After 48 hours, I will choose a new winner.
5. You can enter up to 5 blogs total.

1. Write a post about your favorite Christmas tradition. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then you can just write a post about your favorite holiday tradition. Include a link to the post in your comment. In your post, include sponsor links and prizes, and the contest banner. (Required) - 3 entries

Prizes and Sponsors List

2. Add the contest badge to your sidebar. (Required) - 1 entry

3. Subscribe to Travelin' With Marie by email. Include your email in your comment. Only verified emails will be counted. - 1 entry
Enter your email address:

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4. Follow Travelin' With Marie. - 1 entry
5. Add links of sponsors to your sidebar. Title it "Ms. Marie's Sponsors" - 1 entry
6. Add Travelin' With Marie badge to your sidebar. - 1 entry
Travelin' With Marie

7. Add the following blogs to your blogroll: Travelin' With Marie and  Leilanie's 101 in 1001 Challenge - 1 entry each
8. Join this contest in the first 12 days (Dec 1-12) - 3 entries
9. Join this contest between Dec 13th-20th - 2 entries
10. Join this contest between Dec 21st-25th - 1 entry
11. If you are a sponsor, you get an extra automatic entry - 1 entry

Prizes and Sponsors.

1st Prize:
$5 Paypal funds- Crayons n' Pencils
5000 EC credits - Wonderful Things in Life
4000 EC credits - Simple Happy Life
2000 EC credits - Blog Fusion
2000 EC credits - Life's Journey
2000 EC credits - My Crafts Stores Online
2000 EC credits - Blog de Manila
2000 EC credits - Mara's Personal Bubble
2000 EC credits - Mommy's Little Corner
2000 EC credits - A Woman Remembers
2000 EC credits - My Life's Adventure
1250 EC credits - The One Minute Guide
1000 EC credits - Meow Diaries
1000 EC credits - Take a Coffee Break
6-month 125x125 ad - Gossips of a Princess
1-month 125x125 ad - Azumi ★
1-month 125x125 ad - Life Expressions
1-month 125x125 ad - A Momma's Journal
1-month 125x125 ad - Walking Newspaper
1-month 125x125 ad - Pinoy Medical Doctor
1-month 125x125 ad - World Travel and Vacation
1-month 125x125 ad - Pinay Mom
1-month 125x125 ad - Travelin' With Marie
1-month 125x125 ad - My Journey to Life
1-month 125x125 ad - isherrygo
1-month 125x125 ad - My Mom's Best
1-month 125x125 ad - iLUVcontest
1-month 125x125 ad - Sherry Rambling
1-month 125x125 ad - Bloguardian Hellsite: OVERCASHED

2nd Prize:
$5 Paypal funds - Cotton Candy Buzz
5000 EC credits - Nessa's Mumblings
3000 EC credits - The Fountain of Happiness
2000 EC credits - Momgen Craft Corner
2000 EC credits - Kaya Mo, Pinoy!
2000 EC credits - The Mommy Journey
2000 EC credits - A Simple Life
2000 EC credits - Random WAHM Thoughts
2000 EC credits - Bloguardian Hellsite: OVERCASHED
2000 EC credits - Milestones
1250 EC credits - Cornyman's Money-Blog
1000 EC credits - Mara's Appetite
1000 EC credits - This is My Blog
1000 EC credits - Wishing on a Falling Star
1-month 125x125 ad - Home Buddies
1-month 125x125 ad - Couple's Love Book
1-month 125x125 ad - Garden of Moments
1-month 125x125 ad - Latest Buzzzz
1-month 125x125 ad - Walking Newspaper
1-month 125x125 ad - Leilanie's 101 in 1001 Challenge
1-month 125x125 ad - Blog de Manila
1-month 125x125 ad - Fab Momma
1-month 125x125 ad - Yashiro
1-month 125x125 ad - Happy Thoughts Happy Tot
1-month 125x125 ad - Mine all Mine
1-month 125x125 ad - Lurvevertyhing
1-month 125x125 ad - Shopping
1-month 125x125 ad - Hotels For All
1-month 125x125 ad - Another Contest

3rd Prize:
$3 Paypal funds - Mara's Appetite
5000 EC credits - Yashiro
3000 EC credits - The Wonder Mom
2000 EC credits - Moms...Check Nyo
2000 EC credits - The Joy of Life Forever
2000 EC credits - Rewards Station
2000 EC credits - Worth's Road
1500 EC credits - Pinay Mom
1250 EC credits - Cornyman's Blogreviews
1250 EC credits - All About Babies and Kids
1000 EC credits - Philippine USANA
1000 EC credits - Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
1000 EC credits - Yummy as Can Be
1000 EC credits - Life's Sweets and Spices
500 EC credits - Elai's Haven
1-month 125x125 ad - A Shopaholic Diary
1-month 125x125 ad - Pinay in States
1-month 125x125 ad - Pinoy Medical Doctor
1-month 125x125 ad - The Latest Buzzzz
1-month 125x125 ad - Travelin' With Marie
1-month 125x125 ad - Kaya Mo, Pinoy!
1-month 125x125 ad - Philippine USANA
1-month 125x125 ad - Handy Reviews
1-month 125x125 ad - Online Scoop
1-month 125x125 ad - ibloagholic
1-month 125x125 ad - nameSherry
1-month 125x125 ad - heartrandom
1-month 125x125 ad - Sherry Contest
1-month 125x125 ad - A Woman Remembers

Special Prizes:
10 various postcards from United States - Travelin' With Marie
1 pair of earrings (Worldwide shipping) - Momgen's Corner
4 sets of mixed handmade cards - DarlingRose Paper Goods
$10 gift certificate to Etsy shop- DaisyBookworm

As an extra addition for being my reader, DaisyBookworm would like to give you free shipping on all Etsy orders. Use the promo code "Marie" to get the free shipping.

So that's it! Have fun and good luck! Don't forget to refer your friends.


Mariuca said...

Hey Marie! I just sent you the credits from all my three blogs! Looks like a wonderful list of sponsorship woo hoo! :)

Liz said...

Yay! I will join this contest too. Btw, I would like to sponsor 2000 ECs and one 125X125 ad space. Can I?



vickie said...

I can tell you worked hard on this! Wow, great list!!

GAGAY said...

great contest here Ms Marie!!!

Curious Mind said...

Hey, Leilanie! congrats and goodluck on your contest. not sure if I can join. but I already grabbed your blog badge and your contest badge just because. ^^

thanks for being part of my contest as well. ^^


czaroma said...

hi Marie, great contest and I want to be a sponsor too. thanks!

2000 EC credits
1 month 125x125 ad

Sherry said...


your banners side bar.

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

will come back to do more. :)

Liz said...

I dont know how to send ECs. Haha. Need help. Thanks. I will join the contest later.

Sherry said...


both banners side bar :D

hope more bloggers take part :)

Liz said...

EC sent and accomplished most task except for the first one. I will be back to let you know what i've done. Thanks Ms. Marie. :)

melandria said...

Hi, congratulations again to this nice contest, by the way i made the following based on your qualifications/rules.

a. Written a post.

b. banner included

c. List of sponsors and prizes

d. your contest badge on my sidebar

e. subscribe to your e-mail, hope you can do the same for me too. thanks.

f. followed your blog

g. added your badge, sorry i was not able to place it in my sidebar because my sidebar is already full but you can see it in my Friends Badges.

h.Added your blog in my list

i. Joined the contest/ December 3, 2009 and a sponsor too.

By the way my email add is

Happy Holiday!

hyanne said...

Merry X'mas!
I am just dropping by but somehow I got interested to your Christmas Contest. So here I am joining., and also one of the bloggers hoping to win.

My entry link is here

** following you
** contest badge is in my side bar
** you can find your badge into my sidebar entitled "Think Pink"
** I am a subscriber of your blog

You can reach me here

Liz said...

Hi there, i'm back and here's what I have accomplished:

I blog about this contest here:
The contest badge is on left side bar
I subscribe using
I followed using Lizzy/Liz
Added Travelin with Marie badge on left sidebar, too.
Added Travelin' With Marie on my blog roll on the right side bar
Added Leilanie's 101 in 1001 Challenge on my blog roll on the right side bar
Joined this contest in the first 12 days

Ritz said...

I've joined ur contest!

I did all except following via feedburne

Ritz said...

ooppss.. chill here from

here's my email:

Ruthy said...

Count me IN...

i blogged it..
i put the badge..
i subscribed..
i followed it back pls..
i put the badge again..
i add ur blog in my it back pls..
i joined..hehe

thats's the URL


Thankyou..meri xmas.. :-)

shydub said...

Hi Marie, I read yesterday that the sponsors is already close, I was gonna sponsor 2000 from each of my blog, and

* Anyway, I joined your contest, and here is is the blog post link Christmas and Holiday Contest

* email address;

* Followed your blog already.

* Subscribed to your blog.

* Placed your badge to my blog in my side bar just scroll down

* The contest badge is up in my left sidebar

* Added Travelin with marie and Leilanie's 101 to my blogroll or bloglist

I guess this is all I have done for now. Goodluck to your contest marie.

mary narvasa said...

can i still sponsor something?

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Hi there, you have a nice contest here... i will post my entry later... congrats for this contest.

Jenn said...

Thank you Ms. Marie for this wonderful contest. I will join!

- Blog Post (3 entries)
- Contest badge on sidebar (1 entry)
- Subscribed by email (1 entry)
via spreadthatcontest[at]
- Sponsors on sidebar (1 entry)
- TWM badge on sidebar (1 entry)
- Added TWM and L101C on my blogroll (2 entries)
- Join contest in first 12 days - dec5(3 entries)

All in all, I got 12 entries.
My email is spreadthatcontest[at]

shydub said...

Hi Marie I already verified my email, thanks.

Btw, do I have to send all the sponsored ec to the ec account you left in my blog?

cornyman said...

From each of these blogs 1.250 ECs

The One Minute Guide

Cornyman's Money-Blog

Cornyman's Blogreviews

All about babies and kids

Liz said...

Here's my email ad:

I missed this one on my previous comment. Thanks!

mary narvasa said...

AD space for the winner -- 125x125 for 6 months. :)

they just have to add these to their blogroll.


Chris said...

Hello! I am joining in!

My post is up at

I added the contest badge to my sidebar

Followed you

I added Travelin' With Marie badge to my sidebar

I added Travelin' With Marie to my blog list at The Mommy Journey

Joined the contest between Dec 13-20

I am a sponsor :)

Congrats on a great contest!
my email address is amador dot christine at gmail dot com

Vernz said...

Hi Marie,

Finally I made it before the draw.

1. Just posted my first task
2. Added the contest bar to my sidebar;
3. Had subscribed to this site via email;
4. Had followed you;
5. No entry for #5
6. Added your badge to my side bar
7. Added Travelin ...and Leilanies... to my links
8. And finally I made it before the 21st ... got 2 entries ... hehehehe!

Thanks Marie... Hope I will make it! Merry Christmas.

Vernz said...

Ms. Marie my email address:

pls. care to visit my photoblog ..

thank you.

czaroma said...

Hi Marie, I am joining the contest too:

- written a blog post:

- added contest badge on my blog sidebar

- subscribe to Travelin' With Marie (email: cza dot roman @ yahoo dot com)

- followed your blog

- added Travelin' With Marie and Leilanie's 101 in 1001 Challenge in my blog roll

- joined the contest 12/23

- I'm a contest sponsor


Curious Mind said...

Hello, Leilanie!! Merry Christmas! I hope I'm not late. here's what I did:

posted the contest, prizes and sponsors here:

and on the same blog posted the contest badge:

and I subscribed using this email:

fedhz22 at yahoo dot com



Ms. Marie said...

Entry updates for all participants:

@Sherry: 14 entries
@Melandria: 12 entries.
@Hyanne: 10 entries.
@Liz: 13 entries.
@Ritz: 11 entries.
@Ruthy: 12 entries. You still need to verify your email.
@Shydub: 13 entries.
@Jenn: 12 entries.
@Chris: 10 entries.
@Vernz: 11 entries.
@Czaroma: 10 entries.
@Fedhz: 7 entries.