Favorite Christmas Tradition

It took me two hours, but I've finished my adgitize clicks and entrecard drops. Anyways, since I am asking all of you to post your favorite christmas tradition for my contest, I decided to join in and post my favorite.

You can click to make it bigger. The first picture is from Saturday, and the second picture is from today. I'm not sure if you can tell the difference, but its there. The updated one has figurine ornaments while the first only have ball ornaments. And there are more presents! :]

My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up the Christmas tree. We usually do it the day after Thanksgiving but we went shopping on black friday so we put it up the day after, on Saturday. We finally finished decorating it yesterday. We've never had a theme, mainly because my mom just puts up whatever decorations she owns (but it still always turns out great!). But when I will celebrate my Christmas on my own (hopefully next Christmas because I will be married), I will have a theme every year. I think my first one will be a blue and silver "Winter Wonderland," what do you think?

Also, since I'm on the topic, I decided to post up some pictures from my black friday shopping. I will post them small, but you can click on them to make them bigger. My dad bought me a netbook and portable hard drive, and Xbox360 games for himself. The Wii games and Smallville DVDs are for my mom. My dad decided to get himself an Xbox360 for Christmas so he kinda went on a shopping spree for games. Even now, he is still buying more games but he is only buying cheap ones and ones from the pawn shop (because they are only $10-20 there).


Louis said...

I like your new black netbook. Looks sleek and trendy.

ShY said...

Lovely Christmas tree. I can feel the spirit of christmas with this christmas tree.

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Ms. Marie said...

Thank you, I love it very much but my dad made me wrap it up and now I can't open it til Christmas! BTW, couldn't figure out how to comment you back.