November Top Droppers

Thank all for dropping this past month. Sorry I was not able to drop back to everyone. Some days I was able to drop 300 and some days I was so busy I wasn't even able to drop 1. But, I am trying to make a difference for the month of December. I am going to seriously make an effort to drop 300 every day. From now on (at least for December), if you drop on my site, then I will drop back. Without further ado, here are my top droppers for the month of November:

Sorry I was not able to personally link you. But as always, you will have a spot in my sidebar with your link. Thank you again for being my top droppers. As an added bonus for my number one top dropper, I will add your badge to my sidebar instead of just your link.


GAGAY said...

hi ms. marie! i didn't make it in your TD!Huhuh! ill try to drop harder this month with all my blogs! happy holidays in advance!

vickie said...

Yup, it's hard to drop 300/day ... I see I missed a couple days! lol

Thanks for the mention :)