Fedhz, more than just a blogger

I've been a fan of [ Fedhz ] for a while now. I remember discovering her when I first started blogging (back in August), and I've always enjoyed coming to her blog. She always has interesting articles for me to read. Whether they are about her daughter, making money online, or tips for everything else in between, she always has me coming back for more. Ever since she was little, Fedhz wanted to be a writer. In her post, A Published Draft, she tells you her story, and how she came about starting her blog. Her story is real, it has depth to it. She just isn't any 'ole blogger who blogs just to blog. She blogs because she wants to tell everyone her story, she wants you to learn more about her, and her life. Its bloggers like her that inspire me. She inspires me to take a look inside, and figure out who exactly I am. Am writer too? I'm still unsure. But Fedhz, she is definitely a writer. I have no doubt about that. Even when she writes about her daughter, Yz, she keeps a professional stance and keeps her writing interesting. She isn't a blogger who just rants and raves about her family, and making money from blogging. She is a real writer, not just a blogger. When I read her posts, I am able to leave with inspiration and motivation to do something for myself, and not just amusement, like some other bloggers. Now, I'm not saying that she is the best writer out there. But I am saying that she one of the best that I've encountered so far. She isn't perfect, but then again, who is? For more than just a few laughs, visit Fedhz. Overall rating: 9/10.


Curious Mind said...

aw. Thanks, Leilanie. You made my day. haha! ^^v I'm so touched.


Solo said...

oh she's so beautiful :D