I'm Pooped.

Woke up at 4 AM this morning to go shopping for Black Friday. I only had two hours of sleep :[

So, who went shopping today? I went to Best Buy, then Walmart, then came home around 7 AM. I watched TV and finally fell asleep at 12 noon. At 4 PM, woke up and went back to Walmart and the Pawn Exchange. I then came home, ate dinner, and went back to Best Buy for some more shopping. I am drained of my energy.

I will write a longer post later, when I have more sleep. I'll show you what I bought! :]


beng said...

thanks for dropping by my site. :)

wow! shopping galore.. i so envy you, i haven't been into shopping mall for quite a long time, maybe a month or 2. You should take a picture of what you've bought. :)


Buggys said...

Trust me, I feel your pain. When I finally got home at 3:00 on Friday afternoon I was exhausted. I went to bed at some point and slept for 14 hours! Fa la la la!

scribbler said...

So what have you bought? Lucky you you still found some items. My friend arrived at Walmart at 5 am and all the shelves have been cleared.

Liza said...

Shopping galore nga! I don't think I'd have the energy to shop like that, haha.

Anything goes with me, just let me know if you want me to send you the ec credits now. :)

Have a great week ahead.

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Carole said...

You are crazy girl! You went out not once, but TWICE on Black Friday?? Can't wait to see what you got!