Hire me

Heyy everyone. This blog will change a little within the next few days. I have been really interested in digital scrapbooking lately. And I would love to start making scrapbooks for other people (S4H/S4O). I will have a variety of services that I will offer. The main service is photobooks. I will create a custom photobook for you and have it sent directly to you when finished. Other services will include postcards, photo cards, greeting cards, and single layout sheets. I will explain all services later on, but I just wanted to inform everyone about the new changes. I will soon post examples of my layouts as well. As for this blog, I will mostly post my personal layouts, photobooks and layouts that I've made for others (with their permission), and other scrapbook related topics. When I don't have anything to update, then I will most likely find some scrapbooking freebies from designers' websites. I would love to know more about my audience, so please leave a comment. Also, I would love to know if you are interested in hiring me to create something for you.

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