Review: I Am Buraot

My first thought when opening this page, was Wow, this page loaded fast! It is overall a great designed layout, without much clutter. The description of the blog is "A day in the life of an antisocial." This blogger seems like a great person, and must be a great blogger because is PR is 4! Wow! I don't even have 1! He is also located in the Philippines. As for the content of the blog, I found many great posts. I also love that he includes a picture in each of his posts. I try to do that also, but sometimes I just don't have a picture to include. Buraot is a great blogger with great content. All his posts actually have meaning and thought and he blogs on an intellectual level. In his post titled The Late Summer Leap, he writes about taking a leap of faith in believing that everything will be alright in the end. He says:
"And all you can do is look beyond the distant horizon where you left the traces of your previous self. And pray to whomever sits on the cloud… that everything is going to be alright, a prayer more for the new as well as for the old."
He is such a great writer. Many of his posts will either inspire or motivate you. Whether he is inspiring you to think about your own life or the life of others, he does a great job at it. If you are in the mood to read great posts with a deeper meaning to life, then visit I am Buraot. Overall rating: 7/10.

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