Sponsorship needed for holiday contest

Hello! This holiday season has been a very festive season. As you may have noticed from my posts, there are A LOT of contests going on right now. Just to name a few, here are some that I've entered. These include giveaways as well. The links will send you to my posts, and from the posts you can view the information about each one.

Win an HP TouchSmart 600 Desktop PC
Abbott Medical Optics Video Contest
Thanksgiving Contest
Cornyman's Holiday Contest
Win $200 from Fedhz
Triple Medical Celebration

On to my topic in my post title. I will be hosting a holiday contest that will start December 1st and end December 26th, the day after Christmas. To start the new year off with a good note, I will announce the winners on January 1st. I am not sure yet what the contest is going to involve. It will be Christmas-themed, so it'll be based on that. Now, what I am asking all of you, is sponsorship pledges. Anything would be appreciated. Sponsor anything you are willing to give. To give you some ideas: ad spots, EC credits, cash, special prizes (like cards, jewelry, anything handmade). Please please please! I need sponsors! Please leave a comment in this post ONLY. Thanks! I hope to hear from you all soon!


cornyman said...

Count me in!

Will sponsor EC from the five blogs, write you in the next days how much from each of them i will sponsor

GAGAY said...

hei ms marie!

i can sponsor 2 ad space from each of my blogs - Walking Newspaper Pinoy Medical Doctor The Latest Buzzzz.

Chris said...

hello! i can sponsor 2000 EC credits :D hope that is okay

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

Hi, I can sponsor 1 month free 125x125 ads on all of my blogs...

Riza said...

i can do cash.

Bambie dear ★ said...

count me in too

for now special ad spaces for a month

Azumi ★ and Fab Momma

im still deciding about cash and some goodies. Ill let you know

eric said...

Ready to sponsor EC credits and 1 month 125x125 each from 5 blogs.

Nessa said...

Hi Marie! :)

I'd like to sponsor 5000 EC credits.

eric said...

EC Credits

1. http://www.kayamopinoy.com/ = 2,000 EC
2. http://www.blogdemanila.com/=2,000 EC
3. http://www.philippineusana.com/=1,000 EC
4. http://pinaymom.org/ = 1,500 EC c/o my wife

1 month 125x125 Ad

1. http://www.kayamopinoy.com/
2. http://www.blogdemanila.com
3. http://www.philippineusana.com
4. http://worldtravelandvacation.com/
5. http://pinaymom.org/= c/o my wife


Mara said...

Hi Marie!

I am feeling a little festive too and since I don't have the time (and knowledge) as to how to hold a blog contest I'll just be a sponsor in yours. :)

I can give you:

2,000 EC
1,000 EC

and small amount of $.

momgen said...

I can sponsor 1 pair of earrings world wide shipping from http://momgen.etsy.com

4 sets of mixed handmade cards - http://darlingrose.etsy.com

5000 EC - http://mommyko.com
3000 EC - http://chris.happymomiam.us

2000 EC from each of the blogs

Ave said...

I signed up with postcrossing too. And sent 2 postcards already :)
About the packages, well, I have taken part at a lot of giveaways :)

yashiro said...

Well I could sponsor 5,000 EC and one month ad spot in Yashiro. Hope it helps.

melandria said...

i am really new in blogging but i would love to sponsor an ad space in my blog, http://www.melandriaromero.net


maria said...

Hi Marie! Please count me in.

3000 EC credits - http://wondermom.info/
1000 EC credits - http://tekla88.info/
1000 EC credits - http://www.thisismyblog.info/
1000 EC credits - http://yummyascanbe.info/

Online Scooper said...

Hi, I can sponsor a 125x125 ad space from my blogs too.


Please email me at sweetypaula at gmail.com for future correspondence. :)

Liza said...

Hi Marie! I'll be sponsoring your contest.

A Simple Life - 2000 ec
Mommy's Little Corner - 2000 ec
Moms... Check Nyo - 2000 ec
Life's sweets and spices - 1000 ec

Sherry said...

hi marie,

I can sponsor ad space :)

a month each at

isherrygo http://www.isherrygo.com
lurvevertyhing http://lurvertyhing.com
iblogaholic http://ibloagholic.info
my mom best http://www.mymomsbest.us
shopping http://sherryshopping.blogspot.com
iluvcontest http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com
namesherry http://namesherry.com
heart random http://heartrandom.com
hotels for all http://hotelsforall.blogspot.com
another contest
sherry rambling
sherry contest

sherrygo at hotmail do com

K said...

Hello Marie! As promised:

2000 EC credits from Random WAHM Thoughts.