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Blog Review: Make or Break

Make or Break is Pehpot's personal blog. At the very least, I would call Pehpot a writer. Its what she does best. Well, other than taking care of her family, of course. Visit Pehpot's blog and you'll get a two for one deal. You'll get a great writer and a great mommy. One thing I love about her site is Utoy, a little boy she (and her husband) created to make adgitizing easier. I have not yet had experience with Utoy, but I have heard great reviews about him. Want to learn more about Utoy? You can click here to read about his birth and here about his interview. Both are great posts and I recommend reading them both. Another benefit to Utoy is his weekly list of friends. Every week, Pehpots writes a list (with a small review) of some of Utoy's friends. She is now also writing list of followers as well. Click here to view the lists. Since this is Pehpot's personal blog, she often writes about her family. I would like to say congrats to Pehpot because she just recently added a new addition to her family. She is a newborn baby girl named Sati. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter on November 8th, 2009. Sati is Pehpot's fourth child, but her first girl. She had three older boys already. One post I remember coming across was Pehpot's new sling. In this post, Pehpot writes about her new sling that she made for Sati. I've always thought about getting a sling for when I have children, but I never though about making my own (or buying a handmade one). Now Pehpot has got me thinking. Maybe I should ask her to make me one (with payment of course!). Like I said before, Pehpot is a great writer. Her blog had much more content than I could ever cover. To read more about Pehpot, visit Make or Break. Overall rating: 9/10.

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