Still Awake

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Its 8:00 AM and I'm still awake. And no, I have not been blogging all night. Believe it or not, I have been laying in bed for the past five hours. I fell in and out of sleep for about an hour or so, but since I've been awake since 5:00 AM. Geez I need some sleep. I've always had a hard time sleeping at night. I don't know why. Come morning, I can fall asleep right away. But I can't go to sleep now. I have class at 10:00 AM. Ugh. I wish I could skip class today. I can't though...I have a speech to do. Great. Well, good morning.


Marie said...

Sorry you couldn't sleep. Hope your speech went well.

Marie said...

Try to get some sleep tonight. :) I'm going to go now. Nightynight.
Glad the speech went well!

hopeful said...

Hello Ms. Marie,

Sorry for the late response. I got ur message, actually you're one among the 6 ec members to receive free 500 ec credits.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

conversationswithmoms said...

Ouch! I use to hate those sleepless nights. I got them when I was pregnant.

jenn said...

Hey marie. You left a comment on my blog asking about social spark...send me an email and I will be happy to answer your questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.