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Grampy said...

You get all the Awards.

sarah j. said...

Hi Marie!
Thanks for stopping by the Secret Society of List Addicts! I write for The Naked Redhead ( and collaborate with a few other bloggers on List Addicts. I think Sarah Von of actually came up with the concept! Check out the links on the sidebar...I believe you can e-mail in to "join" the Society.

Thanks again for visiting and commenting! Feel free to tell all your list-making friends about us. :)

onlinemommy said...

Hello there!

Visiting you here! Thanks for your visit on my site and your interest to be a sponsor on my forth coming contest. I will include your prize and link in the list of my sponsors. You are in!

Thanks again!

Viviane Ricard said...

Hi Leilani –

Just l’il ol’ Nellie again. Just to let you know I’m gonna follow your recommendation and go with ‘Adgetize.’ I used your code so you should be getting some sort of referral credit (I suppose?).

I’ll probably want to pick your brain, kiddo (well, what the heck, you offered☺). So just wondering, would we communicate through our blogs (comments) or by private email?
(Through our blogs is okay with me, but wondered if it would be of any interest to readers?)

Well, you’re the seasoned old veteran so I’ll leave it up to you.

Hey, I left a comment a week or so ago, but can’t find it on your blog. Nothing super important, just thanked you for ‘following’ me and mentioned a referral (a friend from Quebec) I sent to your site (she really likes it, by the way). But did you ever receive that comment?

Viviane a/k/a Nellie Wilson

bambie said...

hi! just want to say i always enjoy reading your blogs.☺

btw, i grabbed your badges (this one's and your other blog's) and placed them in mine. i also am following your 2 blogs now.

have a great week ahead!☺

Vernz said...

thanks marie for including me in your list ... this award means so much as I have just been blogging for barely two months ... thank you! More readers, more power!

Dhemz said...

came from adgitize...:)